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Events and occurrences, which have their own logic, are the accidents which I reveal in my work and through them I discover a new layer of myself. Years ago, when I entered high school, I painted as a means to escape the mundane academic atmosphere of the educational system. I failed to understand the relevance of the subjects being taught to my daily life. I opted to enter the art academy and that marked the beginning of my journey  into the world of art, a world in which I learned to discover myself. Initially my works were a combination of colors, textures, and light. The brush along with acrylic and water based paints were and have always been my tools and mediums of choice because they allow more possibilities of interpretation and greater working speed.

I then simplified my works to two colors and my red period marked the beginnings of the use of white in rhythmic strokes over a completely artificial red. White is a fluid and neutral color which is not judgmental and finds harmony in any palette. My patterns are based on a single source and while they do not capture the visual details of life, they instead present its philosophical interpretations far more interestingly than narrative ones. My black period followed and my formal developments and forms, influenced by calligraphy and flora, covered the surfaces of my large canvases in transparent white strokes. Other colors - midnight blue, maroon, forest green - began appearing and within this seemingly chaotic destruction of the background, a silent and patient existence took shape.

I begin each piece with a sound; it can be the sound of a leaf dropping. Each work needs its own logic and guidelines and has to be unique and be ruled by its own laws. I know a work is complete when its finds its own life, at which point I prefer to hide my intentions and allow viewers to come up with their own conclusions. I would like their conclusions to end this process with a sound as well, the sound of more questions.